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Accounting and Income Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Small businesses.


Individual Tax Services:

Our individual tax services include the below:

  • Individual tax returns preparation, including federal, states, and locals returns

  • Providing U.S. individual tax planning and strategies

  • Advising and calculate quarterly or one time estimated taxes

  • Assisting with the initial application or renewal of an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

  • preparation of tax return for tax nonresident aliens and residents aliens

  • ​Resolution of tax notices from the IRS, state and local tax Agencies. more

  • Preparation and review of international tax forms and schedules related directly or indirectly to investments located outside of the U.S., such as forms 8858, 5471, 8865, etc.

Business tax services:

Our Business tax services include the below:


  • Federal business tax returns preparation with applicable states and local filings: forms filed include: Schedule C, 1065, 1120-S, 990, plus all applicable domestic and international tax schedules and forms:

  • Business tax strategic planning and advisory. See the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Section 199A FAQs from the IRS for more information on the qualified business income deduction.

  • business entity selection: pros and cons for tax purpose, where and how to register. For example, one may ask should I form an LLC or not? should I create a business entity in the U.S. or outside of the U.S.?

  • International tax services for American expats with interests in foreign companies and for foreign nationals and foreign companies with investments in the US

  • Services as an outside tax and accounting adviser

Expat tax services

Our US expats tax services include: 

  • Expat arrival or departure US tax briefings and Planning for International relocations

  • Expats tax returns preparation, including state and local, if applicable

  • Tax equalization and tax reconciliation preparation and review

  • tax services for short-term business travelers and for digital nomads

  • Tax gross-ups and required estimated tax calculation

  • Income tax treaty review and social security Totalization agreements, including preparation of Certificate of Coverage

  • Streamlined filing compliance procedures for late filed tax returns and FBARs

  • Payroll set up and employment tax calculation for foreign nationals

Tax Audits/Notices Services

Our tax notices/letter/audits resolution services include:


  • Review your IRS, state or local tax notices for free and advise on action steps.

  • Whether simple or complex tax issues, we will work with you through the various stages of the IRS, state, or local tax audit(s)

  • Revenue Departments are becoming more aggressive in challenging the taxpayers that must be more and more transparent. Due to increased collaboration and information sharing between Tax Agencies Inside and Outside of the United States, Americans taxpayers must be transparent in reporting their tax information and respond timely to challenging tax notices. 

  • Got a tax notices? Make sure it is reviewed professionally (if you need it of course!) before you make or arrange payments.

Accounting services

Our accounting services include: 

  • Review of books, records, and financial statements, cash flows

  • Payroll - set up, quarterly and annuals reports as well as required payroll tax calculations

  • Financial statements review for sole proprietors, single member LLCs as well as S corp and partnerships

  • Consulting on business taxes based on entity choices

  • We do not perform any financial statement audits!


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